US Open Cricket 2015: Ohio State Buckeyes scored 60 runs in the rain shorten game against Pakistan First in 6 overs. KAUSTUBH DIXIT was the leading run getter for the Buckeyes with 14.  For Pakistan First Adnan Naseem was pick of the bowler as he picked up two wickets for only 6 runs while Asad Munawar, Wahab Munir and Zahib Tariq picked up one wicket each.

Pakistan Frist was set a target of 50 runs in 6 overs.  Umer Farouq and Salik Iqbal started the inning for Pakistan First and before the first over finished Umer had already hit four consecutive 6’s and Pakistan First was 24 for 0 loss in the first over.  Pakistan First scored 17 in the second over as Salik Iqbal started to stretch out his shoulder.  Pakistan First reached their target in 3.1 overs with a loss of 1 wicket.  Umer Farouq scored 29 with the help of four 6’s and a four.  Salik Iqbal scored an unbeaten 19 with the help of 3 massive 6’s and Abdullah Syed 2 not out.

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