Third Annual Qirat Competition 2015 was held by Helping Hands for Relief and Development (HHRD) at Manalapan High School, New Jersey with the help of Young Muslims (YM).  The great thing about the Qirat Competition was the number of Sheiks and Qari’s such as Sheikh Monzer Taleb, Dr. Farhan Abdul Azeez, Sheikh Fouad ElKassas, Qari Youssef Edghouch, Sheikh Mamdouh Selim, Sheikh Ismael Essa, Qari Dilawer Shah, Qari Nazrul Islam and Sheikh Hassan Saleh who not only were there to judge the competition but also recited the Holy Quran in their beautiful voices.  The Qirat competition had more than 250 participant registered in four different level but only the top five kids from both boys and girls were selected to recite the Quran in the final stage.  The competition had various prizes for the top three in each level but the biggest prize of Umrah ticket was saved for the winner of Level 4 Boys winner.

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