Game 4: Mets vs Royals

Another heartbreaking loss for the NY Mets in the game 4 of the World Series against the KC Royals by the score of 5-3 in which they led the game going into the 8th by 3-2. All eyes will go toward the error that was committed by Daniel Murphy in the 8th and rightly so but the game in itself showed the shortcoming of the team as Murphy’s defense was an issue all year long. The middle order was nowhere to be found again in this series once again as Wright, Murphy, Cespedes, Duda and d’Arnaud went 2 for 18. Clippard was shaky again in the 8th as he walked the two hitters and Murphy error didn’t help either when Famillia came to pitch. All three issues were a concern going into the series but the Mets were not expecting to have all three rear its ugly head all at once in the game and unfortunately it did and Mets paid the price for it with a loss
On the positive side, good to see Conforto going deep twice specially against the lefty as the announcers were comparing his swing to Adrian Gonzalez and Don Mattingly. If he becomes anything remotely close to either one of those two guys, it will be a treat to watch him patrolling the left field for the Mets for the next 10 years or so for the Mets fan.
Down 3-1, Mets will turn to Matt Harvey in game 5. Hopefully, the Dark Knight will rise to the occasion one more time and extend the series to KC. As they say, you gotta take one game, one inning and one pitch at a time.

Lets go Mets!!!

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